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Dott.ssa Priscilla Berardi medico, psicoterapeuta, sessuologa  Cell.+39 349 5455417


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Sexology is a recent science, its history is just over a century old but it is substantial and significant for the evolution of human knowledges. This discipline concerns social, psychological, cultural, anthropological, emotional, relational, physiological and medical aspects of sexuality.

When we talk about Sexuality we refer to non verbal communication between individuals, to the exchange and the emotional play that uses the body as a language and, at the same time, to the subjective dimension of being sexuate, to pleasure and self-care, to the contribution that sensory perceptions give to cognitive growth.

Thanks to awareness acquired in behavioural, medical, social and psychological fields, Sexologists now deal with many questions about human sexuality and can often help those who have problems in this sphere, through dialogue, listening and techniques of psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural, systemic-relational and socio-constructive repertoire. Sexological therapy sees beyond the sexual symptom and inside the sexual symptom, exploring the symptom’s history, its verbal and non-verbal expression, its mode of expression and area where it manifests. Sexologists recover the symptom’s meaning and permit the acquisition of new emotional and body language, offering alternative and more satisfying ways of ‘being together’ and looking to one selves.